Mikrotax.org - a system for web-delivery of taxonomy


Nannotax is a website which has been developed over several years, primarily by Jeremy Young, in order to allow online documentation of the taxonomy of modern coccolithophores and calcareous nannofossils. To achieve this, and especially to make an interface that worked theway we wanted it to, we found we had to write a new web application (based on php, mySQL and Javascript). This has been a major project but it is suitable for application to other groups. With the help of funding from the UK NERC we have applied the same system to develop a database of planktonic foraminifera and further developed the system so that site development can be entirely carried out via web-interfaces.

The mikrotax.org website now hosts two main databases - nannotax and pforams@mikrotax sharing the same system but with separate identities. We are interested to collaborate in development of other web-databases using the system.

Distinctive features of the mikrotax system

Possible applications

The feature set of the system was designed for handling microfossil taxonomy, in which there is a rather large number of taxa with relatively limited amounts of data per taxon, where images are of central importance to practical use, and where statigraphic range data is of critical interest. It should be suitable for other groups with similar priorities. If you are interested in either helping with our current prjects or developing new applications please contact Jeremy Young