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What does this do?

Our system contains taxa from a wide range of geological time, So, if you are specifically interested in one time period - e.g. the present day, or Paleocene, or Early Cretaceous - then it will be easier if it is clear which taxa are present in that time interval. To do this, you can set a time range of interest using the tools above. [NB We now finally have a nice graphical selector (background image from TimeScaleCreator), but I'll leave the other selectors on since they give more precise time selection.]

When a time range is set

A microfossil zonation chart

The chart below, from TimeScaleCreator, provides a compilation of planktonic foram and nannofossil zonations from throughout their geological range. All Ma ages on the mikrotax websites are currently based on this timescale (GTS2012).

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nannofossil zonation chart