Journal instructions for citing websites vary but typical citations might be:

Young, J.R., Bown P.R., Lees J.A. (eds) Nannotax3 website. International Nannoplankton Association. 21 Apr. 2014. URL:

Young, J.R., Bown P.R., Lees J.A. (eds) 'Cylindralithus' Nannotax3 website. 21 Apr. 2014.

Including the date on which a page, on the site, was viewed is strongly advised, since the site is liable to change. The current software does not archive old versions of the website, so you should use an external archiving system to record specific content of the site when you accessed it. You can do this by using WebCite to create a permanent archive copy of any page from Nannotax. This is probably the most robust way to cite individual pages and is ideal for use in peer-reviewed journals. It also will provide a short URL, e.g the WebCite URL for the Cylindralithus page as cached on 27th May 2014 is Unfortunately this does not provide a copy of the images but it does record what was on the page at the time as you can see by comparing the archived and current versions of the Cylindralithus page. Using this the citation would be of this form:

Young, J.R., Bown P.R., Lees J.A. (eds) 'Cylindralithus' Nannotax3 website. 21 Apr. 2014.

N.B. We have now included a button to link you to Webcite on the bottom of each page.


As an alternative to using a full page link you can use a link which looks up the taxon name and redirects to the right page. As an example for Syracosphaera pulchra the full link is:
This is obviously rather arkward, and if we re-arrange the Syracosphaera species the link will break - the alternative is:
Apart from being shorter this link format is also more stable, and it does not require you to know the path. This would be the best and easiest way to insert links to Nannotax on another website. Note that you do need to replace spaces in the taxon name with underscores - e.g. use Syracosphaera_pulchra not Syracosphaera pulchra. This link also appears on the bottom of each page, so you can easily copy and paste it.


Compiling the database of information presented on Nannotax has been a massive task. To avoid large-scale plagiarism this database is not available for anonymous download. However, if you are interested in a research collaboration with us using this database you are very welcome to get in touch ( or


Most images on the website remain the copyright of the original authors. You are welcome to re-use the content for non-commercial purposes but we do expect you to include attribution. A typical attribution might be "image from Nannotax3 website (". There is no need to ask for permission to use content from the site in student reports, teaching materials, or research talks, so long as there is an attribution. We would, however, expect to be asked before content was used in published articles, in videos, on websites, or in commercial reports, and in some cases we would need to refer your request to the copyright holder. I.e. Images on this website are not public domain and may not be used in publications without our permission pagebase
Screen grab of the bottom of a Nannotax page showing the short link and web-cite link.