Clavihedbergella simplex

Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Hedbergellidae -> Clavihedbergella -> Clavihedbergella simplex
Sister taxa: C. amabilis, C. eocretacea, C. leckiei, C. moremani, C. moulladei, C. pauliani, C. simplex, C. simplicissima, C. subcretacea, C. subdigitata, C. sp.,


Citation: Clavihedbergella simplex (Morrow, 1934)
Rank: Species
Basionym: Hastigerinella simplex

Type images:

Original description: Hastigerinella simplex Morrow 1934: Test moderately trochoid; chambers in the early portion globular, the penultimate chamber becoming slightly elongate and the final chamber strongly elongate and evenly rounded at the end; chambers about 4 in the final whorl; sutures distinct, moderately depressed; wall finely spinose; aperture indistinct.

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Hastigerinella simplex;

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within D. concavata zone (86.71-89.91Ma, top in Coniacian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]
First occurrence (base): within H. planispira zone (111.84-113.26Ma, base in Aptian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]

Plot of occurrence data:

NB Plotting of Neptune data has been disabled on the Mesozoic pages because the dataset is both small and badly affected by a few sites with erroneous age models (our obs Huber, Petrizzo, Young, Nov 2016). The data can still be viewed via the range plottertool - tools menu.

Character matrix

test outline:Lobatecoiling axis:Very lowchamber arrangement:Trochospiralumbilicus:Narrow
edge view:Hourglassumbilical or test sutures:Strongly depressedspiral sutures:Strongly depressedshell porosity:
wall texture:Finely pustuloseaperture:Umb.-extraumbilicalaperture border:Thin lipaccessory apertures:Relict
periphery:N/Aumb chamber shape:Elongatesp chbr shape:Elongateperiph margin shape:Moderately rounded
umb depth:Shallowdiameter mm:0.33width mm:breadth mm:0.1
final-whorl chambers:4.0-4.5


Morrow, A.L., (1934). Foraminifera and ostracoda from the Upper Cretaceous of Kansas. Journal of Paleontology, 8: 186-205.


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