CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinidae Carpenter, Parker, and Jones, 1862

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Citation: Globigerinidae Carpenter, Parker, and Jones, 1862
Rank: Family

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinidae Carpenter, Parker, and Jones, 1862

Original Description: Under the general designation Globigerinida we bring together, for the reasons already stated, all those hyaline or vitreous Foraminifera which have their shell-substance coarsely perforated for the exit of pseudopodia, so as to resemble that of Globigerina; a character by which they are differentiated from the Lagenida on the one hand, and from the Nummulinida on the other. They are further differentiated from the former of these families by the form and character of their aperture; for although there are instances in which the chambers communicate with each other, and the last chamber with the exterior, by circular pores, yet this is only in aberrant forms of the group; and the typical aperture is a crescent, which may either be contracted to a narrow fissure, or which may open-out so as to have the proportions of a gateway. There is not a like difference in the form of the aperture between Globigerinida and Nummulinida; but generally speaking, it is of much larger size, so as to permit a much freer communication between the segments of the body in the former group than in the latter.


Carpenter, W.B.; Parker, W.K. & Jones, T.R., (1862). Introduction to the study of the Foraminifera. Published for the Ray society by R. Hardwicke, London, 319 pp.

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