Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Globigerinelloididae -> Hastigerinoides
Sister taxa: Eohastigerinella, Globigerinelloides, Hastigerinoides,
Daughter taxa (blue => in age window 0-300Ma)


Citation: Hastigerinoides Bronnimann 1952
Rank: Genus
Basionym: Hastigerinella alexanderi
Type species: Hastigerinella alexanderi Cushman, 1931

Type images:

Original description: Hastigerinoides:

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Hastigerinoides;

Short diagnosis: Test planispirally enrolled and involute, biumbilicate, early chambers globular and inflated, later ones radially elongate, and those of the final whorl long and tapering, resembling tubulospines; wall calcareous, finely perforate; aperture a low interiomarginal equatorial arch bordered by a distinct lip, lateral part of the aperture remaining open as relict supplementary apertures around the umbilicus on each side as new chambers are added.

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Santonian Stage (83.64-86.26Ma, top in Santonian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): within Turonian Stage (89.77-93.90Ma, base in Turonian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:

NB Plotting of Neptune data has been disabled on the Mesozoic pages because the dataset is both small and badly affected by a few sites with erroneous age models (our obs Huber, Petrizzo, Young, Nov 2016). The data can still be viewed via the range plottertool - tools menu.


Loeblich, A.R., Jr. & Tappan, H. (Editors), (1988). Foraminiferal Genera and Their Classification (Volume I-II). Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1059 pp.

Hastigerinoides compiled by the pforams@mikrotax project team viewed: 30-3-2017

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