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Daughter taxa (blue => in age window 0-300Ma) Granddaughter taxa
= Paracostellagerina

= Paragloborotalia

= Parasubbotina

status uncertain

= Paraticinella

status uncertain

= Parvularugoglobigerina

status uncertain

= Planoglobanomalina

= Planoglobulina

= Planoheterohelix

= Planomalina

= Planorotalites

status uncertain

= Plummerita

status uncertain

status uncertain

= Praeglobotruncana

= Praegublerina

status uncertain

= Praemurica

= Praeorbulina

status uncertain

status uncertain

= Protentella

= Protoheterohelix

= Pseudoglobigerinella

status uncertain

status uncertain

= Pseudoguembelina

= Pseudoguembelitria

= Pseudohastigerina

= Pseudoplanomalina

= Pseudotextularia

= Pseudothalmanninella

status uncertain

status uncertain

= Pulleniatina

status uncertain

status uncertain


Rank: na

Current identification/main database link:


Catalog entry for P compiled by the pforams@mikrotax project team viewed: 26-5-2017

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