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Daughter taxa (blue => in age window 0-300Ma)
status uncertain
= Praeglobotruncana algeriana
= Praeglobotruncana delrioensis
= Loeblichella coarctata
= Praeglobotruncana compressa
= Muricohedbergella crassa
= Whiteinella aumalensis
= Dicarinella hagni
= Muricohedbergella planispira
= Globotruncanella compressiformis
= Loeblichella hessi
= Praeglobotruncana hilalensis
= Praeglobotruncana inermis
= Praeglobotruncana kalaati
= Whiteinella archaeocretacea
= Falsotruncana loeblichae
= Globotruncanella pschadae
= Hedbergella modesta
= Clavihedbergella pauliani
= Praeglobotruncana delrioensis
= Praeglobotruncana pseudoalgeriana
= Paraticinella rohri
= Praeglobotruncana shirakinensis
= Praeglobotruncana gibba


Citation: Praeglobotruncana
Rank: Genus

Current identification/main database link: Praeglobotruncana Bermudez 1952


Catalog entry for Praeglobotruncana compiled by the pforams@mikrotax project team viewed: 25-6-2017

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AphiaID: 722169 Nomenclatural data on WoRMS

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