Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Hedbergellidae -> Pseudoguembelitria
Sister taxa: Asterohedbergella, Clavihedbergella, Costellagerina, Falsotruncana, Hedbergella, Helvetoglobotruncana, Liuella, Microhedbergella, Muricohedbergella, Paracostellagerina, Paraticinella, Praeglobotruncana, Pseudoguembelitria, Whiteinella,
Daughter taxa (blue => in age window 0-300Ma)


Citation: Pseudoguembelitria Huber and Leckie 2011
Rank: Genus
Basionym: Pseudoguembelitria blakenosensis
Type species: Pseudoguembelitria blakenosensis Huber and Leckie, 2011
Taxonomic discussion: Pseudoguembelitria differs from Hedbergella by having a higher trochospire, more weakly developed perforation cones on the test surface, and fewer chambers in the final whorl. It differs from Guembelitria Cushman, 1933 (late Campanian–early Paleocene) and Archaeoguembelitria Georgescu, 2009 (late Albian–early Turonian) by the early hedbergellid stage and variable trochospire, lower in the early stage and higher in the adult. It differs from Gubkinella (considered by Loeblich and Tapan [1987] to be a benthic foraminifer) in having perforation cones, moreinflated chambers, and a higher-arched aperture, and in lacking a lip.

Type images:

Original description: Pseudoguembelitria:

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Pseudoguembelitria;

Short diagnosis: Test wall microperforate with pores surrounded by small-sized perforation cones; pustules may be present in the umbilical region. Test small, with early hedbergellid stage and higher trochospire in the adult. Chambers coiled in a variable trochospire with 4.5–5.0 chambers in the initial whorl and 3–4 chambers in the final whorl. Aperture a low interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical arch without periapertural structures.

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Aptian Stage (112.95-126.30Ma, top in Aptian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): within Aptian Stage (112.95-126.30Ma, base in Aptian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:

NB Plotting of Neptune data has been disabled on the Mesozoic pages because the dataset is both small and badly affected by a few sites with erroneous age models (our obs Huber, Petrizzo, Young, Nov 2016). The data can still be viewed via the range plottertool - tools menu.


Huber, B.T. & Leckie, R.M., (2011). Planktic foraminiferal species turnover across deep-sea Aptian/Albian boundary sections. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 41: 53-95.

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