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Citation: Tenuitellinata Li 1987
Rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina angustiumbilicata Bolli, 1957.

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Original Description: Test small, low to medium trochospiral, with convex spiral side; chambers globular to subglobular, about 11-13 slowly enlarging chambers arranged in 2 whorls, 4-5 chambers in final whorl; sutures radial on umbilical (involute) side, radial to slightly curved on spiral (evolute) side; umbilicus small to closed; wall microperforate and pustulate; aperture a low arch, intra umbilical, bordered with a thin lip, but lacking a bulla. Stratigraphic range. Eocene?-Oligocene to Holocene.

Extra details from original publication:
Remarks -
 Tenuitellinata is superficially similar to Tenuitella, but differs in apertural details. In Tenuitella, the aperture is always umbilical-extraumbilical (-peripheral), but species of Tenuitellinata possess an intraumbilical aperture. Tenuitellinata may have evolved from Tenuitella by migration of the aperture to the umbilicus; hence they are phylogenetically closely related. Separation of this new genus from Tenuitella is to mark an evolutionary stage, which may then have evolved into bullate Globigerinita.

Stratigraphic range - Eocene?-Oligocene to Holocene.

Included species


Li, Q., (1987). Origin, phylogenetic development and systematic taxonomy of the Tenuitella plexus (Globigerinitidae, Globigerininina). Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 17: 298-320.

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